Project BreadHead

Welcome to Project BreadHead!

I love bread. I love making bread. I’m particularly keen on making lots of different bread. I think this qualifies me as a BreadHead! Project BreadHead is another one of my “boy projects”! I was at the local garden centre and I saw this book for £4!

I had to get it!

If you want to play along and want this book, the details are:

Publisher: Hermes House
ISBN-13: 978-1-84309-413-5

Or on Amazon you can get this by the same authors which uses the same pictures so I would take a guess that most of the recipes are the same.

I will be/have been blogging as I work my way through this book. You can start with the introduction here or jump straight to the recipes listed below:

British Bread
01. Granary Cob
02. Cheese and Onion Loaf
03. Poppy Seeded Bloomer
04. Cottage Loaf
05. Welsh Clay Pot Loaves
06. Split Tin
07. Shaped Dinner Rolls
08. Crumpets
09. English Muffins
10. Lardy Cake
11. Cornish Saffron Breads
12. Barley Bannock
13. Scottish Oatcakes
14. Welsh Bara Birth
15. Sally Lunn

French Breads
16. French Baguettes
17. Pain Polka
18. Croissants
19. Pain Bouillie
20. EPI
21. Petits Pains Au Lit
22. French Dimpled Rolls
23. Kugelhopf
24. Brioche

Mediterranean Breads
25. Pugliese
26. Ciabatta
27. Focaccia
28. Panini All’olio
29. Prosciutto Loaf
30. Sesame-studded Grissini
31. Piadine
32. Panettone
33. Pane Al Cioccolato
34. Schiacciata
35. Portuguese Corn Bread
36. Pan Gallego
37. Pan De Cebada
38. Twelfth Night Bread
39. Mallorcan Ensaimadas
40. Pitta Bread
41. Christopsomo
42. Moroccan Holiday Bread

North European and Scandinavian Breads
43. Swiss Braid
44. German Sourdough Bread
45. Stollen
46. Buchty
47. Polish Rye Bread
48. Kolach
49. Blinis
50. Poppy Seed Roll
51. Russian Potato Bread
52. Knackerbrod
53. Finnish Barley Bread
54. Lusse Brod
55. Vort Limpa

Breads Of The Americas
56. San Francisco Sourdough Bread
57. Boston Brown Bread
58. Pumpkin and Walnut Bread
59. Wheat Tortillas
60. Double Corn Bread
61. Virginia Spoon Bread
62. New England Fantans
63. Mexican “Bread Of The Dead”
64. West Indian Rotis

Breads Of India and the Middle East
65. Bhaturas
66. Tandoori Rotis
67. Naan
68. Pooris
69. Chapatis
70. Missi Rotis
71. Lavash
72. Syrian Onion Bread
73. Barbari