Photography is one of my great loves and I’ve always been dubious about turning it into a “commercial endeavour”. As a result, I’ve never gone out with my camera and said, ah, this is a picture that will sell. I’ve just taken pictures that I love and would be happy to have hanging in my own home. In November 2014 I decided to take this love of photography further and start working towards earning a BA (Hons) in Photography.

Why? Well, all a bit of an accident really. I didn’t go to uni when I was 18. Decided I didn’t want to study Business or Computing. Both of which I got offers for. So I pulled out. Whilst I’ve managed a pretty good career in Business Computing Systems anyway (the irony!) I have always (semi) regretted not getting a degree. And I get a lot of shit in certain circles for not having one (“You’ll never be a CIO without a degree”, “Didn’t fucking want to be anyway! #northernchip”). I was in Australia recently, Melbourne to be more precise and it was hammering it down (typical) so we went to an art gallery which just happened to have a fantastic photography exhibition. It really inspired me to do something with my own photography. It’s such a waste having all these great shots just sitting on my laptop. Other people should get to see them and hopefully experience some of the joy I had while taking them. They don’t even have to buy them, just admire, absorb, worship…ahem!

When we got back to the UK, we started thinking about migrating to Australia permanently. Not having a degree knocked a chunk of points off and the Aus visa folk then knocked a chunk of my work experience off for not having a degree. I scored super highly on the IELTS test but that and my age weren’t enough and the time required to up the work experience puts me in the next age bracket so I lose the points gained. Bit of a catch 22. So it didn’t happen.

So then I started thinking about doing some work qualifications. This then turned into looking at a Computing degree. Fast forward a few years of mulling over that and letting it sit and I finally took it further and started working on my application to the Open University. My passion in IT is programming. Their curriculum just doesn’t teach what I want to learn. So one evening while getting frustrated looking at their prospectus, the missus said “I’m just going to put this out there, but why don’t you study photography?”. Lightbulb goes off, happy feelings come about, I head to Google, find a course at the Open College of Arts, it’s amazing, it covers everything I would love to do in photography and it’s cheaper than the OU! Win-win right?!

So I start that in Feb 2015 and I’m ridiculously excited about it too!

I currently have an exhibition of my work at Fusion Studio in Cambridge. I’ll get a link here shortly.