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Australia 2011 Part 10

Phew! It comes to an end here!

Saturday 23rd April

Up early today, we were booked in on the Neighbours tour!

To many this is both bogus and sad but we freakin’ loved it! We love Neighbours and Home And Away. We Tivo them. We couldn’t NOT come to Aus without doing this tour.

First we went to the old Erinsborough High School and then we went to Ramsay Street.

Paul’s House

The Ramsay house

The Mangle House

The Robinson House

The Kennedy’s House of Moralistic Judgement

I couldn’t get a good shot of Toadies house of trouser. Too many girls in the way!

Standing in the middle of Ramsay Street 20,000km from home was incredibly surreal. Neighbours has been going for 26 years. I have watched it for about 18 years. I had a gap in the middle when I was working and had no Tivo!

After the street we went to the studios.

This house is the house where Calum was raised by his gran and also where Zeke was held captive by a seedy old man because he’d lost his memory in that rafting accident that gave us the old Libby back. I preferred kiwi Libby.

Check out the bus stop that everyone runs away from:

Lou’s car lot is being redeveloped for some exciting storylines we’ll see in about 6 months!

The tour guide was fantastic. He was this strange Irish guy who knew waaaaay too much about Neighbours! Brilliant!

At sunset we went back to the pier to watch the penguins come home. Awesome view:

But sadly no penguin pictures. It’s our last night in Aus and we had a lovely dinner at a French restaurant that used to be the French consulate building and before that, a brothel! Food was good!

Sunday 24th April

Last day in Australia today. Very sad to be leaving but also glad to be heading back to routine and organisation. 3 weeks of random probably isn’t the best thing for someone as OCD as me!

We packed everything up and hoped we would be under the baggage limit. Didn’t want to think how much a long haul fine would be!

Went for brekkie in a local café, had a wander and hung around waiting for our cab.

On the way from the airport, the driver kept checking her map and it took about an hour so I allowed for this to get there. The trip to the airport took 20 minutes so we got there with plenty of time to spare and again, the check in desk hadn’t even opened! We went for a coffee.

When the check in finally opened, we were first in line. Woohoo! We weighed our bags and were 100g under the limit. Get in! We publicly high fived. That was a bit lame perhaps…

Through the hand luggage scanner, traveller forms filled in, duty free – “oh my god what a ridiculously large bottle of Jack Daniels!!”, played with the iPod Touch display, went for some dinner in a really nice café and then went to our gate. On the way to the gate we stopped at WHSmith’s in desperate search of some Samboy’s. I also found this and couldn’t resist:


To the gate, boarded the plane (if your seat range isn’t called, don’t join the fucking queue!!) This time we had two seats on their own so there was more room for our stuff down the side which gave me a little more leg room but it was still a pretty uncomfortable flight. The next long haul I do isn’t going to be with Qantas and it is going to have more legroom. Economy Plus perhaps. If my boss is reading this, please give me more money to facilitate my luxury lifestyle! 😉

We had a brief change in Hong Kong and we had to go through baggage checking again. Pain in the ass. Arrived in London finally and were greeted by the missus’ folks and we went for some food. Seriously, Qantas suck and there isn’t enough food for a near 24 hour flight.

Got home and unpacked and then had to sort out the living room and unpack all the boxes. The decorator has done a piss poor job so I took affirmative action and re-arranged all the furniture, ordered some new curtains and a rug and decided that a re-haul might bring some positivity to this place. For now it has.

And that brings to an end this epic 10 part blog! My next job is to put together an awesome panaroma I took in Tas, turn this blog into a photobook rather than just another photo album and then sort out which pics I want to print and frame and then I might be able to relax a little!

Fings I Like Friday (21)

w00t! On time this week!

1) The missus – I totally left her off the list last week by mistake and my oh my have I heard about it!! So this week she is first. She has now finished work and is working from home completely self employed. This is good because I get cups of tea brought to me, Time Outs and other choc goodies, decent lunches and most importantly random cuddles!

2) The Windows command prompt. Whilst not a pretty face, very useful. Sometimes it’s just easier to go old skool. At some point I’ll write up an article on how to connect to and send files via FTP using the command prompt. Exciting stuff. When you cross this line, there is no going back!

3) SQL coding. I love SQL. I love SQL scripts. Again, sometimes it’s just easier to get right in there, skip the crappy wizards and friendly UI’s and just write the damn script yourself. Once you’ve sussed it, go back and finish up quickly in your application.

4) Neighbours. Paul Robinson is God! Have you been watching it this week? With Steph and Toadie and Libby? I don’t know who to support. I despise them all equally.

5) The PlayStation Move. Launched this week. Demos downloaded. Just waiting for my controller to arrive. Will go to the shop tomorrow to buy an additional one.

Stuff I Like Sunday (20)

Ok, a little delayed on the Fings Friday this week. It’s been a super busy few days. I need to be a lot more disciplined with this blogging lark!

1) The Playstation. This week the Playstation turned 15!! I remember being a big fan of alternate systems like the N64 and the Dreamcast and then one day I was introduced to the Playstation 1. This amazing console that you could cheat on and pirate games with. This amazing console that had Gran Turismo on it. This amazing console that in all its incarnations has been a solid feature of my life ever since that day. Happy Birthday little buddy!

2) Big Brother. Well, it’s finally ended. I’ve watched most of/bits of every single year. It has dominated my entire twenties. How sad is that?! I’d go through phases over the summer where I’d actually think cameras were in my kitchen watching me cook. Yeah, that’s not good is it?!

3) Weezer. Oh man I love Weezer! Thanks to Spotify, they have been my most played band of the last few weeks. I should probably do a Music Monday on them.

4) Wardrobe clear outs. I’m a hoarder and I go through weird phases. I’m not into fashion, at all. I see a T-shirt style I like and I buy it in four colours and wear them to death. Then I do it again and again. Same with trousers. My wardrobe was getting full so I decided it’s time to get rid of all the faded stuff. Which is most of it! Now I have lots of space to go buy more similar T-shirts.

5) Lists. Yeah, in case you haven’t guessed, I’m one of those people. I love lists. I love making them, half finishing them, creating new ones etc etc. I love paper lists. For some reason, there is no good computer based list making software. They are all too rigid and completely inflexible. It’s like someone decided to make list making software but this person did not list the requirements. This person is clearly not a list maker. It would be like me, a man, designing tampons.

Toys/Gaming Thursday (2)

Wow, only the second of these. I am clearly far too busy! No time for toys, have I really sold my soul?

Anyhoots, I saw a game a few months ago on the PSN store and thought it was too expensive and why the hell wasn’t there a trial? Well, this week I got my trial and it was so good I bought it as soon as the trial expired. Of what game do I speak? Why it’s Joe Danger of course!

Oh my freaking GOD this game is sooooo amazingly brilliant!

Quirky soundtrack, addictively challenging, collectables, races, stunts, brutal crashes, it’s got it all. And then a couple of hours ago they released the People’s Patch. It has a ton of updates. I’m going to get this tomorrow. The best part is that the developers, Hello Games, are a small, no make that tiny company with only 4 chaps working there. How cool is that?

This game reminds me a little of this really bizarre indie title I used to play many moons ago called Action Supercross:

I wasted many hours not doing homework on this. Created my own levels, played a bunch of online downloaded ones, it set the bar for community gaming, just no online or anything.

Now with Joe Danger, you get kick ass graphics and online and easy level sharing. Perfect!

So that’s games, how about toys?! Did you catch this weeks Dragons Den? Did you see that super bitching awesome magic wand remote control? Here:

Ok, so it’s just a One4All, but it’s a wand dammit! I’d love something like that. Actually, not really, I’m not all that much of a gadget nerd. I bought a remote control with a slide out keyboard for my PS3. I still use the controller for typing and watching DVD’s. It’s collecting dust in a box somewhere.

With that, I bid you farewell. I have a sneaky suspicion that Joe Danger is going to make my Fings Friday tomorrow…

Fings I Like Friday (16)

Wow! Another week gone in the blink of an eye!!

1) The six weeks holidays. Obviously I’m not at school anymore and obviously I don’t actually get six weeks off over the summer, but I still get that joyous feeling when it gets to August. I dunno, things just seem to chill out all around me. Like, people are looking after their kids, colleagues/clients go away on holiday, the stress drops a little. It’s fab!
2) The rain. It’s been hammering it down all day. I’m lucky enough to work from home so I’m not pissing and moaning about it. I love hearing it on the corrugated roof of the conservatory. It’s pretty cool.
3) 24. I’m currently on series 4. It’s beyond ridiculous, completely OTT but completely addictive!
4) Photography. It’s totally my thing at the moment. I love it. I had a really shit day at work the other day and I just took an hour out doing some water drip shots. I got totally in the zone and forgot all about work. It was awesome. Pics later.
5) The missus. She handed in her notice at work so she can move on to bigger and better things. She’s starting an empire by the sound of it. Her boss is being a total psycho hosebeast who just needs to be flipped upside the head! Only a few weeks left!!

I’m totally in a dude mood today! Anyway, happy Friday 13th. Enjoy slaughtering children or whatever you int0rw3b freaks do on these days.

Fings I Like Friday (15)

Another week gone in the blink of an eye.

1) BBQ’s. I love how in this country, no matter what the weather, we will always try to have a BBQ. Many weekends spent clutching a raw sausage as your dad yells “You’ll eat your bloody sausage and be grateful!”. Tonight I had a BBQ in the rain.

2) The cats. We don’t know when Aurora was born but it was some time around August so we declared the first. This year she was three years old! Johnny Park was born on the fifth and this year he was two.

3) The missus. She’s had her hair cut. After two and a half years!! She looks more hot than she already did!

4) The football season. I watched a footie game this week and there were no vuvuzelas. It was weird. Tomorrow is the start of the Premier League. I am very excited! I always love the start and the end. Not so fussed about the middle. Come on Man Utd!

5) John Bishop. This dude is hilarious! He’s everywhere at the moment. I saw him on the Michael McIntyre roadshow. He told a super funny joke about his kids being middle class and the type of kids he’d have beaten up as a kid. Hilarious!

That’s it for another week.

Fings I Like Friday (11)

It’s here again!

1) The open top Cambridge tour bus. I’ve wanted to go on this for ages. We are doing it tomorrow!

2) Tomato Plants. We have grown our own tomato plants from seed. They are now huge!

3) Today my Australian travel visa was approved. This brings us one step closer to going in April next year.

4) BBC’s Walk on the Wild Side. Saw this for the first time at the weekend. It’s hilarious! Check out these marmots:

5) The missus. For always smiling in the face of adversity. She’s had an awful week and mine hasn’t been much better but she’s kept us both in good spirits. Mainly Jack Daniels and caramelised Vodka! *hiccup*

In other news, I am 29 in exactly two weeks. There’s a ton of stuff I haven’t done and probably should’ve before I turn 30. I am therefore compiling a list of Fings To Do Before I’m Firty! Suggestions welcome! Final list will be announced on my birthday.

Fings I Like Friday (10)

Well, I managed one extra post this week!

1. BBQ’s. I love the hot weather and sitting out in the garden eating perfectly grilled meat! This week we had steak burgers and sausages! Also, it’s really awesome finally having a proper garden that I can mow and water the plants and build a washing line and hang out in on my lunch!

2. Summer rain. I love how you can tell it’s coming and then the fantastic smell when it finally arrives and how it cools the air. Lovely!

3. Summer Hoyland. I am a dirty perv! I’m also hopelessly addicted to Aussie soaps and if you click the link, you’ll see why!

4. Moby. We had a declutter at the weekend and I found a special edition CD of a Moby gig from a few years ago. It’s really good. Haven’t listened to him in ages.

5. Yes, you guessed it, the missus! She’s been really ill this week and had to take some time off. I really enjoyed having her around. Looking forward to the future when she’s around more often.

Fings I Like Friday (8)

That time of the week again. Struggling to find things I’ve enjoyed this week. Been too busy to even realise I exist!

1) The New Zealand football team. What a bunch of troopers! They held their own throughout the match and deserved that last minute equalizer.

2) Cats chasing bees through the patio window. They don’t understand the “forcefield” factor!

3) My ability to translate requirements into effective Google searches. I thought everyone could do this but it would appear they can’t. I presume it’s just years of experience!

4) The end of the ridiculous Hugo/Martha storyline in Home And Away. 18 months that went on for. It didn’t have a satisfactory ending but now Martha has left so I’m happy. She is one helluva  freak!

5) The missus. This week she cooked chick pea burgers from scratch. They were yummy. There were some leftovers for my lunch today. I put them in a sandwich with some Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. Teh-nomz!

Fings I Like Friday (6)

1) A clean house and a job well done! We sacked our sixth cleaner in as many months and cancelled the second contract. We’ve decided to fit it in and do it ourselves. Should save us £120 a month. Tonight was our first night. It went very well. I think the house is cleaner and we had fun doing it. While Rach was upstairs I was downstairs and I had my wireless cans on (see main picture) and they transmit right down the driveway to the bins! Job’s a good ‘un!

2) Rainy bank holidays. Why do we ever expect anything else? Still, I never let them get me down. We stayed in watching films and catching up on TV box sets and V+ recordings. Lots of sofa cuddles too. Fab!

3) Eurovision. Every year something makes me laugh my moobs off! I was never all that into it but the first year the missus and I started dating, she texted me saying she was watching it so I tuned in and we texted all evening about it. I guess it’s just stuck since then really.

4) Fajitas. I love fajitas! Since moving to Cambridge we’ve started veganising most food and I discovered these in the local health shop. Fry’s Vegetarian Beef-Style Strips. They are awesome!! They really do taste/feel like beef and they’re a great replacement in a fajita. Double great because it means the missus can have them with me which means I get them more often!!

5) The missus. She’s always getting into scrapes! This week she crashed her bike. Really badly. She phoned me up about 15 minutes after setting off for work saying she crashed and her chain had come off. Nothing serious. So I cycled out to meet her and fixed her bike by the road. I got all greasy and she totally swooned! I was just about to see her off and noticed her back tyre had gone flat. She had to walk to work and get her bike fixed. It also had a broken wheel although I suspect the dodgy bike shop did this to get more cash out of a vulnerable lady. When she got in later in the afternoon her bruises had come out and were huge so I’ve had to nurse her back to health.

Fings I Love Friday (4)

Here we go again…

1) Sunshine. When the sun shines I can dry the washing outside and get it all done in a day!

2) My Virgin V+ HD box. It allows me to get HD TV which is particularly good for sport. It also allows me to not worry about making myself regularly available for TV. Remember when Friends first aired on Channel 4? For me, it was a whole Friday night line up. There was Frasier and I think Eurotrash too. The latter had boobies. I’d have been about 14. Now though, there’s no way I can guarantee regular viewing of anything so V+ is really helpful and when I have time, I catch up on a whole bunch of stuff at once.

3) Ladyhawke. Oh I love her! Apparently she is making a new album. I can’t wait! If you haven’t listened to her first album, do so NOW!

4) Again it’s the sunshine lol! This morning I went for a lovely bike ride to the shops and the sun was beaming down and all the people in their cars looked like they were spiflocating and I was FREEEE! Yeah, it was that good.

5) The missus. I swear this isn’t just a cop out to fill up five points. She is awesome and deserves to be mentioned daily but I’ll stick to weekly 🙂

So, in the morning when the rooster crows…

…pack your bags and get ready to go.

Today I listened to the first Black Stone Cherry album. I love their second one and this one ain’t half bad.

It starts out as a bit of chugfest, which isn’t bad really but they’re so much more than that. Then you get a song like Hell & High Water and their potential really shines through and you can see that they just needed a little bit more time to brew to release the bad ass that is Folklore and Superstition.

I gave the JJ72 album another listen, definitely a keeper.

The soaps are a bit dull today. I really dislike Toadie. He used to be cool. What the hell happened? Home & Away’s fashion tale is a little too close to the Neighbours one. Although this murder storyline is pretty cool!

Planet Minigolf didn’t come out on PSN today which is a shame but Prince of Persia was on sale for £3.99 so I got that. It’s a remake of the original and I have to say it’s pretty authentic, right down to the shoddy control system! But seriously, it’s a good remake and it’s in 1080p. I spent several hours in the prep study room playing this game. On the PS3 it’s 117Mb, back in the day we shared it between us on a 720k floppy disk!!! We made so many copies of it until it eventually got a virus and we all lost out. Piracy doesn’t pay kids!

That’s it from me today really. Oh, except this political debate stuff is getting on my nerves a bit. Pandering to the floating voters. That said, I’m a strong supporter of the lib dems, but I don’t really like Nick Clegg and our local MP has changed and I don’t like him either. Gordon Brown’s policies and ability as a politician are second to none but his lack of showmanship is losing him votes. So at the moment I’m deciding between the two, of course I’d never vote for those blue scallywags! (Rach says I have to be polite on a public blog or risk being sued)