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I went to Germany again!

Still living the “jetset” lifestyle! International travelling consultant extraordinaire! Or some such bollocks. I hate travelling for work. Staying in cheap places, flying on cheap planes, operating to cheap per diems. It’s all a bit shit really. Where’s my fucking champagne?!

Had a super early flight out to Nuremberg on Monday so I had a hotel booked at Stansted airport. Radisson. Not too shabby. The missus drove me there and stayed over so we had dinner. Good choice of restaurants and good food. Up at 3am. Bloody freezing outside. Hot as balls inside. Ryanair were not observing the Priority Q on the baggage check in but it wasn’t too busy. Bag scanning was quick too but inside the departures lounge was heaving. Got breakfast and then it was time to head over to my gate.

Arrived in Nuremberg 1h20m later. Super convenient. Very efficient German airport! Out with my bag in about 10 minutes then straight into a cab (Herzogenaurauch bitte? Danke!) and off to the client HQ. Met everyone, was told I had lost weight and not in a good way, had meetings for 3 days, came home. They observed the priority Q and I was first on the plane!! Customs on the way back was quicker but only because it was a small flight and the only one going through. Any more than one flight and the idiots on the desk have a meltdown and take forever. Then the inevitable delay on the train to get home before a final taxi taking its time through the crappy roads of Cambridge.

Yup, work travel is awesome!

On the plus side, it was a very light hearted trip. There was lots of time for recreation. Monday night we went to a Mexican restaurant were my cohorts played my dick is bigger than yours with the hot sauce, proving they both had tiny dicks! Crying is not a good look boys!

Tuesday night we went to Nuremberg to a festival (Volksfest) and a World Cup Hockey friendly between Germany and USA. USA won. The game was awesome. Incredible atmosphere and so noisy!

Prior to the game, we were shown around the exhibition centre area. This is the place that Hitler used for all his rallys. Here is a collosseum he built:

Here is where he stood to give all his speeches:

I found it a little too creepy and couldn’t even stand on it. Back then it would’ve looked over 200,00 angry soldiers. Now it looks over playing fields:

Apparently the modern day government had to decide whether this area should go to ruin and risk being used by far right groups to hold their own rallys or if they should take ownership and turn it into something nice to be used for recreation and as a memorial. I’m glad they chose the latter.

Here is his meeting room:

This is how big he wanted it to become but never got that far:

We walked around the lake at the bottom. Took about 20 mins at a good brisk pace to get around. Massive!

Here is the Congress Hall:

They are currently finalising the Documentation Centre which I will try and go to next time I’m there:

What I did find interesting was the way the Germans get taught about the war these days. Far less jingoistic than the crap we force down our kids throats!

Over at the Volksfest we had dinner in the beer garden. I had two massive steaks with onions and chips. Very nice they were too. Then we had a wander round and I wish I’d had a bag for all the sweets and chocolates!! Saw a couple of minions lying around:

Then we saw the game:

At half time, children from each side played each other in replica uniforms which was brilliant:

On Wednesday we had pizza at the place I went to last time where the pizzas are absolutely massive! Almost inedible in one sitting. Almost.

So that’s it for Germany for a while. Next up is a business trip to Denver in the Summer. Let’s see how shit that turns out!

Wilkommen zum Deutschland

Hello, I had to take a rather sudden and unexpected break. My job hasn’t been especially busy the last few months, lots of thumb twiddling, not a lot of commission being earned. Then out of the blue we got a new client. A shoe company in the US with a European arm, the whole company had been bought out by Adidas and needed their financial systems migrating accordingly. Cue me on a plane to the Adidas HQ in Herzogenaurauch, about 40 minutes outside of Nuremburg.

It was all very last minute and rushed, I went out for a two week period but came home in the middle. Herzogs is a bit of a shithole and the prospect of spending the weekend there was too much to put up with. So I did 4 flights in 2 weeks and feel an immense need to go plant some trees. Especially as I have more visits due in the next couple of months. More on that later.

The campus itself was fairly nice. The Germans seem like very happy people. Like really genuinely happy. Not this passive aggressive happy bullshit you get in corporations over here. The food was good but a little unhealthy. I had some delicious fried waffles, kartoffeln something or other and one night for dinner I had my food served still in the pan!! I also had deer meatballs. They sure do know how to eat!

So, a pretty good trip, just having to reconcile my conscience about the air travel and being a bit of a corporate whore!

Unfortunately I was so busy I didn’t get an awful lot of time to look around and shop. It was all go from 7.30am to 8pm and then dinner with the team until 11.30pm, then bed, then did it all over again. The second half of the week was interesting. There was a beer festival on so all the hotels were booked and I spent 5 days in 4 hotels. One of which was a shared apartment with this 6’6″ Dutch guy I’d only met once who, on the first night, answered the door in his tighty-whiteys! It’s not exactly the flash international consultant lifestyle I was brought up to expect.

I’m still doing a lot of work for them over the next few weeks, just remotely. I should be going back the week before Christmas for a few days. In Nuremburg there is a proper German Christmas Market on. I suspect they just call it a Christmas Market! Hopefully I have some time to check out their bread and sausages. I ate a lot of both of these and they were some of the best foods I’ve ever tasted. I need to find the names of some of the breads and hopefully track down some recipes.

In the meantime, I’ll be making German Stollen for Christmas. I do this every year and have done for the last 6/7 years I think. This year, I’m going all out. I have dariole moulds and galvanised buckets. It’s very exciting! Watch this space!