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Shepreth Wildlife Park (Again!)

I’m on holiday!!!! Well, for an extra day either side of Easter weekend. It started out such a lovely day so we headed off to Shepreth Wildlife Park. Unfortunately, in typical Cambridge fashion, the sky turned grey and it started to rain. But it didn’t ruin the fun, just reduced the quantity of pictures. Probably a good thing.

First we had lunch, we were ravenous. I had a burger. They do good burgers there. No peas so I had to have beans, which was a bit weird. It’s Easter holidays, screaming kids everywhere!

Then we headed to the tiger pen. I love how they just sit there being EXACTLY like domestic cats! I’m sure it would’ve preferred to be off slaughtering a springbok or something but it seemed relatively content playing with a rubber ball and then spending 20 minutes cleaning:

Then we went to see the otters! These are may favourite, they’re such attention whores:


Feeding time at the otter pen:

One day I’ll go there on a warm, bright, sunny day and remember to take my camera. I forgot it last time!

Once we were done, we went to the hedgehog hospital. It wasn’t open to the public but they did accept my donation of cat food. They wanted the meat one, not the fish one. I will remember this next time when I take a huge pile of food!

Shepreth Wildlife Park

This weekend we went to Shepreth Wildlife Park. It was awesome! Ridiculously cold and it rained hard but awesome nonetheless! I’d never been before, despite passing it countless times on the train to London and whenever the stopping train called at Shepreth I’d say to myself “Oh, I must go there one day!”!

So off we went. No sooner had we stepped outside the gift shop when we saw this little chap, a prairie dog:

Then we saw a horse:

A deer:

Some chickens:

You could go and pet them but I was a bit scared of the muntjack (yeah, I know, lame) that was also in the pen.

Then we saw a big fat pig, eating off the floor, too busy to look up!

After a bit of wandering about peering in empty cages (all the animals were hiding from the icy wind in their huts) we came across the best bit. Meerkat Manor! These guys were awesome and put on a lovely little show for us!

Then we saw this little chap:

I’d never seen an otter before (despite growing up in sticksville) and I was surprised by a) how small they are and b) what a racket they make. There were two pairs. Apparently they hold hands when they sleep so they don’t drift off!

Then we saw a couple of Lynxes which were lovely:

Then it hammered it down and I put my camera away but we saw rabbits, fish, tigers, a mountain lion, some birds. Yeah, it was awesome! Def go back in the summer. They have a lovely little picnic area we will take advantage of I think.