Andy Pickup

I’m Drew Irons. Webmaster, geek and photographer extraordinaire. To break that down further, I’m a professional geek and an amateur photographer. It used to be the other way round. Sort of. Professional photographer might be pushing it though. I used to work at Jessops!

Back in 2003 I moved to London from that mythical city “Leeds/Wakefield”, West Yorkshire. After a brief stint making video games for EA I bluffed my way into a job at Jessops. I’d barely even touched a camera by that point. Fortunately the staff and regular customers there were brilliant and taught me absolutely everything one needs to know about photography. I learned my way around film SLR’s and experienced the boom of digital photography.

I even worked in the lab for a few months. Ah the wall of shame! Seriously people, if you’re going to take pictures of yourself naked in the forest, use digital and self print. Never, ever, ever take them into a shop full of students!

The most important lesson I learned is that photography isn’t just about using a camera, you’ve got to have “the eye”! Some people have it, some people don’t. Many people tell me I have it. Personally, I just hate taking snaps and I seem to see things other people wouldn’t possibly think would make a good photo. My composition’s not too bad either. In November 2014 I decided to take my love of photography further and study for my BA in Photography. It’s a 6 year course so expect to see loads of weird stuff show up every now and then.

As for the professional geek bit, I’m a Senior Consultant in a busy accounting systems practice. I’m really good at that too. Rumoured to be number one in the country for my field. I’d be a peer in my profession if I wasn’t so damned anti-social. I’ll keep the work bits to a minimum though because it’s pretty dull!

You can catch me on Twitter and Instagram. Hope you enjoy my site and feel free to comment!