Hey! I did a thing this weekend! I got married! That’s a lot of exclamations!

I’m going to blog about the day. It was all one big blur. End of blog! Seriously, thank goodness for cameras preserving the moment right?!

I didn’t want a wedding photographer bossing me about all day, I’d have ended up punching them. So I took most of these myself, except the ones I’m in. So with a little help from my friends, and some carefully selected foolproof camera settings we were good to go!

Here are some pictures from the day:

This is where we stood for the ceremony and exchanged vows and rings
These socks were bought by R’s mum. I’ve worn them in every interview since she gave them to me. She couldn’t be at the wedding so I wore these in honour.
Just after we signed the register, the book is a fake register as you can’t take photos of the actual register. Against the law!
We did not kiss during the ceremony, we fist bumped, because we’re awesome!
These shoes are amazing!
A leap into the future?

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