Yongnuo 560 Mark III Test Shots

I bought some new toys!

For ever such a long time now, I’ve been coveting the Nikon SB-910 speedlite. It’s £400!! I have some news about photography which I’ll share in the new year but in the meantime, I’ve been getting back into it and spending far too much time watching YouTube videos about lighting and other techniques. I watched a video by a chap called Alex Koloskov who runs It looks like a pretty decent online school and I probably should try out one of his courses.

In one of his videos, he did a review of using speedlites instead of “proper” studio lighting. He mentioned that in a studio environment, you don’t need all the extra features that you get with the expensive Nikon/Canon speedlites because it’s a much slower approach and you can take multiple shots and tweak settings as you require. So he recommended using the Yongnuo range of speedlites. They’re only £50! The trade off is that they’re fully manual. But that said, they’re still pretty badass!

So I bought one. And then after being blown away by the results on camera, I bought the wireless transmitter so I can use it off camera. Next I’m going to buy a second gun. And a third and a fourth. These things are incredible! There are plenty of reviews and tech geekery online so I’ll spare you all that (in the new year, I’m restarting Tech Tuesdays where I’ll be doing some in depth photo blogs) and just jump to some test shots I’ve been doing.

So first up, we have the first off camera shot I took. I need to work on exposure as you lose all the TTL communication but the moody effect is pretty cool.


Next up, my favourite thing to photograph, Aurora, flashgun on the floor, to the side, off camera.


I’ve done a ton of other stuff, most of it unusable but I have been working on portraits, mostly of cats which you can see on my flickr page and then I was out at the missus’ parents house and took some shots of her and her dad. I shot in RAW and tweaked in Lightroom (also my new favourite toy).



I think these have come out pretty well and with a bit more practice and exposure control, I’m going to really improve with shots like this. I have an (informal) gig to do a wedding next year so I’m putting some effort into people photography and lighting control over the next few months.

I’ve totally got my photo mojo back and I have lots to change around here but until then, check out my Instagram and flickr pages while I get my portfolio sorted.

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