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Australia 2014 Part 6

So there you go, that was our holiday. Sorry to end it on such a bum note! Still, it made coming home a little bit easier I suppose!

So, where do we go from here? Well, the original plan was to get my permanent residency visa and move there at the end of this year/beginning of next. We started this process last year. I did my IELTS and I got an almost perfect score but it gave me maximum points for that level and everything looked like it was going well. After speaking to a migration agent and doing the preliminaries, including paying an extortionate registration fee, I needed to wait until October when my work experience qualified for ACS certification.

At least, that’s what the agent said. I don’t have a degree so to make up the points I need maximum level on the work experience. Which is 8 years. Which I have. Which the agent agreed with. So after signing up, I filled in a bunch of forms and sent it off but the ACS rejected it as they don’t want to count my first IT job as it was not of a professional level. So I need to wait another two years until my current job hits 8 years. The problem with that is that I then fall out of the maximum points age bracket and they’re still unsure whether they will count the full 8 years work experience or dock some for “training”. So I might have to wait another 5 years.


That’s kind painful and fucks up what little plans I had. Prior to this I had tried to arrange to meet up with a few potential employers but then decided to cancel as I just didn’t want to waste their time. We also had to tell everyone that our plans were cancelled. It was just a bit of a horrible overhang throughout the holiday. But it’s made me more determined to jump through their hoops and get them to let me in. Ideally before they completely close off their borders! It’s annoying as I’ve wasted quite a bit of money getting to this point and everything I’ve done so far is unusable on the next application so it will be like starting all over again.

So, where do we go from here? Well, five years is a long time. We’re very unhappy with our current living situation and lack of savings so we’ve decided to buy a house. We figure it’s a good investment and after 5 years we should have some decent capital saved up. And then who knows what will happen. Once I get some more money saved up I’ll apply for the visa again and just hope for the best. We don’t have to go immediately, you have 5 years from the point of acceptance I think so it gives us lots of thinking time.

In the meantime, I’m just waiting for the bank to approve my mortgage. Unsurprisingly there was a fuck up. They approved in principal a much higher mortgage than I need for the area I’m buying in so I chose a house much cheaper anyway but when it came to going through the figures, the proper mortgage system didn’t like that I earn commission as the main part of my salary and initially rejected my application. So it’s all being sent off to head office for approval with some crossed fingers. I am seriously sick of commission, it’s such a dumb concept. If you’re not motivated to just do your job, then fuck off and do something else, money should not be a day to day motivator to provide good service and quality workmanship.

For now though, fingers crossed. We have a backup plan if that all goes tits up but let’s just see what happens. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and it inspires you to go travelling!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time and some really lovely pictures shown here – thanks for sharing them x The saying is that anything really worth having is worth waiting for . . . how lovely to be able to carry your Australian dream around with you while you have to wait and save up – I’m sure you will get there eventually 🙂

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