Gadding About

I’ve had a busy few weeks. I’ve been on a travel about. I took some pictures!

At the end of July we went to York for a night. It’s been a few years since we were last in York so we decided to go again. We stayed at a “posh” hotel on the outskirts. It was fucking awful. They had a wedding on, I wasn’t informed, there was no service to non wedding guests, there was a fight at midnight (of course, wouldn’t be a wedding without one!), the cops came, there were dogs, I slept little. I left a really scathing comment on their page. Because that’s what we do now.

Prior to that, the evening we spent in York was actually really nice. It was a glorious day and the evening was lovely and warm too so we had a wander around the city centre and played avoid the drunk stag do and hen night wankers. The highlight was seeing some utter twat in white shoes stand in a big pile of horse shit left by a police horse. They have horses parading the city for troublemakers. Very odd!

I went to my favourite street and took a picture:

We left early on the Sunday after the management refused to take our complaint seriously and I was too tired to go back into the city centre. Made me dislike Yorkshire folk just that little bit more!

Next on my travels, Washington DC. My first trip to the States. It was one of the smoothest journeys I’ve ever had. Like, this almost never happens. I got to Cambridge train station, heaving, bought a ticket after 20 mins of standing in a line, got a train, got to Kings Cross, got a tube to Heathrow, checked in, went through security lightning fast, had hours to spare. Had lunch, flew out, arrived, no fucking queue at customs (which was great because , as I discovered, Americans really don’t get the art of queuing! I was in one queue which seemed quite ordered and then out of nowhere it became a T-junction queue. Like what the hell even is that? There’s no such thing as a T-junction queue. Back of the line assholes!), got in a cab, went to my hotel, went to bed. It was ridiculously quick. Like a dream!

Had the Sunday morning to myself so I chose to stay in central DC on Saturday, just up from the Dupont Circle where the cab driver reliably informed me I could get weed. I think it’s because I was wearing 90s grunge plaid! Hotel didn’t have breakfast (my boss booked it) so I walked up the road to the nearest Starbucks. They are literally all within a mile of each other!! Check out this street:

This street says, to me at least, everything I’ve ever pictured about the States. It’s everything you see in films. The massive apartments, the wide steps, the wide roads, the cleanliness. It was almost like being on a movie set! The whole trip felt a bit like a movie. Very surreal.

From there I went to a fantastic little yoga studio that the missus knows the owner of. I had to pick up some clothes for her. It’s so cute!

And then the best part is that it’s just around the block (corner?) from the legendary Black Cat club.

Sure, it’s closed and Dave Grohl wasn’t there, but fuck it, I was!

From there I walked into the city centre. It was raining so I didn’t take too many pictures but it was a lovely walk. I even walked over a grate that had been taped down with gaffa tape and it said “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wanted. Apply Within!”. I shit you not!

I went to the White House. It’s a big white house. With lots of security. And tourists.

Then I saw the Monument. It had scaffolding up it so it looked a bit shit. Sorry about that.

By this time it was lunch and I had to head to my next hotel, but not before I devoured another Starbucks! I got in another cab and headed out to Leesburg, VA and stayed in a ridiculously posh golf resort.

I was at a work conference for a new accounting system we’ve taken on. It was a 2 day seminar for the company to tell us how great they are. Which to be fair, is mostly true! The food was amazing and the drink was free. I had some really quite cracking Kentucky whiskey, nicest whiskey I’ve ever had, hands down!

After two days of that I flew home. Dulles airport is shit. Probably one of the shittest I’ve been to. Except for maybe Munich. Flight home was ok, I watched Pretty In Pink. My jetlag hung around for a week, it was pretty bad.

Having finally caught up on sleep, we embarked on another trip. This time to glorious Bridlington. Yeah, I know how to live. Back up the A1, stuck in traffic, arrived late, hotel had closed for the night. After some persistent ringing of a bell, someone let me in. Which was a bit of luck. It was only 9:30. Bloody Northerners. Room was fab, very clean, smelt of clean, it was clean! Brekkie was good and then we headed over the road to the Bondville Miniature Village. It’s an entire replica of an old fashioned town. Fantastic! Here are a ton of pictures:

A working wheel!

Smart car!


Another Smart car!

After that we went into Bridlington itself, we were actually staying in Sewerby, and it was great. Lots of shops open, lots of places to eat, not too busy etc etc. Went to the little marina and it reminded me of being a kid. I spent most of my childhood in Brid. Good times were had, mostly. Went to the arcades and left after about 15 mins. So loud and chavvy and over stimulating! I’m such an old git! We played on the coin dozers. That was fun. We had fish and chips for lunch and an ice cream with a flake for dessert.

We walked back up to the hotel and stayed in for dinner. I had steak. It was fab! On the second day we went out to Flamborough Head. The temperature had dropped by about ten degrees and it was windy and fucking freezing. I bought souvenirs and took some photos.

Well, that about wraps up my trips this summer. The next trip we have is Hunstanton tomorrow and then unless a work trip to LA comes through, my next major trip is Australia on Christmas Day! I am currently planting trees. They only cost £12.50 each and each one covers more than a round trip to Sydney. Carbon offsetting is not the answer, but it’s gotta help!

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