I have a confession to make. So I’m supposed to be a photographer. I haven’t taken any pictures for fun in ages. My failed exhibition pretty much ruined my desire to have fun in photography. That’s something that happens every time I decide to turn art into profit. So, no more!

Earlier this week the temperature hit about -8C creating a wonderful frost and the morning light was just delightful. The missus has found her old point and shoot and has been taking snaps so I pointed her in the direction of the garden with a few ideas. She did really well but I hate point and shoots and decided I’d give it a crack too with my SLR.

I really enjoyed it. It was pretty cold out there in my hat and fingerless gloves, but fun nonetheless!

First up is the window of our new garage. I toyed with cropping to panorama but decided the guttering was a nice feature.

BBQ aka home for spiders.

Spiders webs on washing lines. Awesome!

I really like this one. The bokeh is ace!

Think the birds need to use the microwave on Defrost!

Later that day, the missus said she saw a funny looking bird on the bird feeder. I came running to look but missed it. She described it, didn’t sound real! Today, it came back:

I ran out with my telephoto and got as close as I could. Our new garden is massive so this is telephoto at full and cropped right in. Not the best quality but a pigeon came flying down and scared it away before I could get any closer. I think it was last Christmas when I got the bird feeders and it came with a bird spotting guide. In our old garden which backed out on to a farm we were flush with birds. We saw every one on the list except one. Which is this fellow! He’s a Greater Spotted Woodpecker. I’m so chuffed to finally cross him off the list.

Photography is fun. It should stay that way. Hats off to those who have fun while making money but me, I just can’t do it, it changes the way I feel about the subject and my approach to capturing it and that’s just wrong. And the output shows. Hopefully these pictures taken for fun also reflect this.

2 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. Hey, Ive been following your work since I saw it on my news feed, as you’re friends with one of my friends.
    Anyway, I just had to comment. I’m the same with the money and art thing. When money is involved, my brain completely changes the way I feel about my work. It’s like some of my creativity just gets blown away completely, and I stop having those spur of the moment ideas, that are usually the best ideas. I think as well, because I stop doing it for myself, i do things I think other people might like instead because of the money.
    There is a workaround, it just involves practise, and patience. I bet a lot of people have had failed exhibitions, but kept at it because that’s what they really wanted to do, so don’t put yourself down, it’s not a criticism of your work, as much as it seems. It’s just you haven’t found the right audience yet.
    Don’t ever forget what you want, your work should always be an expression of you, not other people.

    By the way, I really love that spider web on the pegs picture. That’s amazing. 🙂

    1. Hey Rhiannon, thanks for the kind words. The missus is opening up a new yoga studio in the new year so I’ll be moving my last exhibition there and adding to it. Different place, different vibe, new people, more flexibility and rotation prospects. I guess we’ll see how it goes!

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