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Project BreadHead: An Introduction

Welcome to the start of my new project, Project BreadHead. You can find out more about the project here.

In my first introductory post, I just want to cover getting started and some resources I have used so far.

In this book:

it covers all the different types of flour that are available. It makes a bold claim that most of these are available in your local health store or supermarket. Well, not in any of the places I shop at! So I had to go hunting online.

The first place I found was this one. I haven’t actually used them yet because I wanted to get as much flour as I could from one place and they didn’t have everything but I think you’ll agree it’s worth a look around. Some of the stuff they have there is totally where I’m heading. I want to mill my own wheat and one day have my own wood fired stove out the back!! I will be using them in the coming weeks for some equipment and storage though I think.

After a lot of digging, I found this one. These had everything I needed to get started including a fantastic FAQ. Seriously, if you have any questions, go take a look. I placed a massive order which included over 10Kg of flour alone! Check out my delivery:

All stored nicely on one shelf. But only just! I can’t fault Flourbin really. Their delivery said 5 days and I think it turned up in 3, very well packed, I could pay by Paypal. Brilliant!

As I work my way through this book I will be aiming to do every recipe in order. Because I’m anal like that. There could be some exceptions though. I think these four will get done earlier; San Fran Sourdough (because I love sourdough), Stollen (because it’s almost Christmas), Baguettes (just because) and Naan’s (because we eat a lot of Indian food).

I’ve filled out the index page for the British breads so either check back there or add my blog to your RSS reader to keep up to date!

Note: because the book is copyrighted, I’m afraid I won’t be giving exact recipes. I’ll tell you what’s in each loaf but to be more precise, you really should go buy the book.

If you have any questions or make your own and want to show it off, just comment. I might run some competitions too. Keep your eyes peeled!

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