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Milton Country Park

Time for another photography post!

Yesterday we went for a wander at Milton Country Park. I love it there, there’s something new every time I go. This year, inspired by Springwatch, I went to see if there were any cygnets. I saw a couple of swans but they were out in the lake so I couldn’t get any good shots of them.

Saw some ducks though:

Tried out my new polariser filter thingy. Think I’m missing a step on adding exposure time.

Saw a bunch of grebes but they’re so fidgety it was hard to get a shot that wasn’t blurry. Stay still!

Then, as we were heading back to the car park, I saw on the other side of the lake a couple of swans that looked like they were nesting. So I went over to investigate. I hit jackpot! I counted SEVEN CYGNETS! I had to be really quiet and was careful to keep my distance (long live the zoom lens) but I got some lovely pictures.

Look at this dude stretching out his wings! Awwww!

They were seriously cute! I’ll definitely head back there in the next couple of weeks to see how they’ve grown. Apparently a group of cygnets/swan eggs is known as a clutch and the usual size is 4-7 at once. I wonder what the parents thought when they got their ultrasound back and found out they were having SEVEN!!

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