Fun With Ice

Hello! Happy New Year! My first blog of the year and in ages too. I have many other projects coming along, one which shall be announced shortly. I’ve also been eating a lot of food. Six roast dinners over Christmas! Needless to say I am back on the exercise regime.

While buying Christmas presents I ended up on the Lakeland website. A very dangerous place for a kitchen gadget loving freak like me! I was looking for things to buy to top up my order so I could get free delivery. It’s a false economy, I know!! Anyway, I came across something quite fun. Shaped ice cube bags. I bought hearts and stars. I figured it would be a great experiment to shoot a mix of these, maybe with the heart frozen using red food colouring.

Today I finally got around to it. It was late in the afternoon so the light is a bit glum. I’m definitely going to retry this in better light, but for now, enjoy. I hope to be doing more fun projects this year and filling up these pages.

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