Outdoor Pursuits

Another catchup post today!

The summer is great for getting out and about. Especially in this country where you’re guaranteed a good spot of rain to really ruin your day!

Cambridge is particularly crap. I was promised lowest rainfall in the UK. Nobody bothered to tell me how it’s usually always overcast, grey, muggy and well, just a bit crap really. Sunny days are rare here! Fo sho!

However, I came from West Yorkshire so I know how to make the best of a bad situation. Ho ho! Next to the gym is a little paddock which has some “lovely” horses. The missus reckons they’re lovely but personally I’m terrified of them. Remember that scene in the Ring (2?) where the horse charges at the woman on the boat and leaps over the edge? How about The Godfather (1? 2? 3?) with the horse head in the bed? Yeah, not good with horses!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the evil beasts followed by a rare shot of the missus and then a couple more of Fleur taken in Epping Forest right before it rained! She is mental!

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