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The Time Traveler’s Wife – Part 4

Wow! I made it through the month!

This is the final part of my/our journey with the Time Traveler’s Wife. From reading everybody else’s thoughts on this, the one thing I think we can all agree on is that whatever we each think of the characters, the author has done a terrific job in making us all feel like we’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster.

It’s not very often that I get this feeling with books, usually because I’m such a slow reader so it’s really difficult to get in to a book fully when I only read a handful of pages a day. Every now and then though, I find a book that I just can’t put down. This book was one of them and I got completely engrossed in the lives of the characters. I felt joy, anger, frustration and ultimately sorrow for both Henry and Clare.

As Henry’s time draws to an end he completely loses control. He knows it’s coming, he’s confined to a wheelchair and he has no idea where he will jump to next. As the time draws nearer, we find Clare not really knowing what to do next while she waits.

Henry, in his sudden desperation, tries to leave parts of himself behind knowing that he doesn’t jump into the future too much. He records the videos for Alba, he teaches Clare to cook and then finally, and this is the part that I thought made him a bastard, he tells Clare he will be back to see her in the future but doesn’t tell her when so again she ends up waiting for him.

I can totally understand why he did it, he’s trying to reassure her that all will be well but unfortunately, it just doesn’t work out like that. That one line in his letter essentially ruins her life forever.

The end of the book made me think of this great song Watch Over You by Alter Bridge.

Snow is on the ground, Winter’s come
You long to hear my voice, but I’m long gone

To round up then, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and being able to discuss it both with the missus and putting it online for others to read. I even got a compliment from her mum which is great because I was always really crap at English when I was at school and she’s a former English teacher!

I think it is a tragic story but actually on Henry’s part. The Clare element was a bit of a downer for me and the book became a bit lost in the self pity sometimes. I wonder if had this been just a story about The Time Traveler would it a) have been much better or b) not sold to the ladies and thus not been such a huge success?!

Either way the author has done a great job at exploring time travel in a non geeky way and getting seemingly ordinary people interested in the possibilities and drawbacks. Possibly for the first time since Robert Zemeckis!

3 thoughts on “The Time Traveler’s Wife – Part 4

  1. I liked the part where Henry told Clare they would see each other again in the future….I thought it would give her hope and ease the pain of losing him. It was selfish though, wasn’t it? I didn’t see that until Rachel pointed it out to me. Really, I guess Henry is selfish all the way through. It’s him doing all the disrupting, Clare doing all the waiting.

    Thanks for all your posts, I’ve enjoyed reading them all.

    (Great song)

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