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Australia 2011 Part 9

Wednesday 20th April

It’s raining.

Melbourne is a lot like England. It’s really green but I think to get that, it needs the rain and over the last couple of years it’s been pretty wet for them.

Today we opted for the art gallery. Always good to have one of these on hold for a rainy day. The best bit for me was the photography exhibition (if link doesn’t work, it’s a Deep Water exhibition).

On the floor above was another really good photography/modern art exhibition. This has given me inspiration for my photography, not so much in content, but definitely in the presentation. It doesn’t always have to be about the digital aspect, some of my photos would look fantastic in print and on a large scale, like maybe 8 feet high! When I get home I’m going to do some research and check out ebay and see if these are sellable at this size.

This might sound wanky, but some of the pictures I take aren’t just snaps or good photos, I often look at some of them as really great pieces of art and this exhibition confirmed that.

Thursday 21st April

Slept in a bit today. Decided to have a day off. The weather has been a little bit better today so we went for a nice brunch in the sun and then nipped over to Albert Park which is apparently the site of the Melbourne GP which was on just before we got here. I stood on the track and nearly got run down by ordinary cars!!

I found some birds that I thought were galah’s but they’re not. This whole holiday I haven’t seen a single fucking galah! Not even in the wildlife world!!!!

The views from St Kilda to the city are amazing. It’s a pretty shit suburb with hookers on every corner and titty bars down the main strip but it does have its good points. A bit like Camden.

In the park, I saw a truck

And a duck

And of course, some boats

Friday 22nd April

Today we went to the Dandenong Ranges. It was awesome! One of the missus’ internet friends who lives in Melbourne hired a car and drove us around all day.

We went to the SkyHigh view which was pretty cool.

Oddly it had an English Garden (they seem to love the English here)

We had lunch in the restaurant there. A man had a heart attack and the food was disgusting! NEVER go there!

After that we went around some of the local villages. We went to two novelty villages which were really kitschy and really awesome. One of them even had a Miss Marple themed tea shop which sold Devonshire cream teas!! I bought some stress release tea from a tea shop that sold 300 varieties of tea.

It was a really cool day.

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