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Australia 2011 Part 8

Monday 18th April

So, we’re here in Melbourne on the final leg of our trip. I’m a bit tired of not really being able to unpack properly and repacking every weekend but y’know mustn’t grumble!

Today the missus and I went our separate ways, she had friends off the 1nt0rn3tz to meet and I went off to book us onto some tours, get a haircut and send my Foo records by airmail to the UK to get my baggage down. The latter cost me $80!! I actually think it would have been cheaper to pay the long haul excess baggage!

I have booked us onto the Neighbours tour!!!!

Apparently, Neighbours isn’t very big over here anymore and it’s pretty much only the Brits that go see it. It’s not even on primetime TV anymore! What’s wrong with these people?

We’ll be doing the tour on Saturday and I just found out (about an hour too late) that the pub around the corner does a weekly Neighbours trivia quiz and Paul Robinson and Karl Kennedy both get up on stage and sing. Wowzers!!

After doing everything I needed to in the city (we’re actually staying in St. Kilda) I went for a wander. Down on the river there is an Adidas endurance stage where a bunch of pro’s in their field are performing tricks without a break for a lengthy period of time. At around lunchtime today they still had 54 hours to go. Tomorrow I’ll go get some pics. It will have dropped dark and be floodlit which I think will make better pics.

I’m also going up the skydeck for a 360 view of the city at night and to the beach during the day.

Tuesday 19th April

Lovely day today, some good weather in between the clouds! Apparently it’s great weather at home. Ah the cheap season!

We went down to the beach near St Kilda pier. It’s a pretty small beach although I think it was high tide :/ It’s also not a very clean beach but the water looked good and I even saw a starfish.

Down the pier there was a big group of fishermen catching their lunch. That was pretty cool. One of the things I haven’t been able to do here is catch a fish and BBQ it. The weather just wasn’t up to it in Tas sadly. I shall make up for it at home by going to Waitrose to select a fish off the ice, bring it home and BBQ it for lunch! Not the same though is it?!

Anyway, check out these pics:

After the beach we jumped on the tram (which is a pretty cool way of getting around, similar to the tube but with a better view) and headed up into the city. We got off at The Domain Interchange and took a wander around the botanical gardens. Not as good as the one in Sydney but it did have a kickass lake. It also has a war memorial which has a great view into the city:

I escorted the missus to the end of town to go to a yoga class with one of her friends and then I took a walk down the river. It dropped dark pretty quickly but it let me get this shot:

I went back to the Adidas exhibition. All the teams were still going strong. Except the skaters. They all dropped out after 18 hours. Probably had the munchies. No pics for me. When I get home I’m definitely heading down to the Southbank to do a session of shots. I love it down there.

I was heading towards the Skydeck 88 in Eureka Tower where you can get stunning views over the entire city. When you go in you go up the lift at a phenomenal speed and your ears pop around floor 60. It’s 300m high! You get out the lift and then right in front of you is an amazing view.

Unfortunately, while it’s dark up there, the ambient light causes interference with the photos so most of the ones I took have reflections in them from the glass.

Until I made my way around to the terrace. Because of the high wind, you have to open one door, seal it then open the door out and nobody can open the first door until you’re outside. It’s pretty cool. There’s a little balcony and all that’s stopping you from plummeting to certain death is a sheet of chicken wire. They don’t have health and safety here in quite the same way as we do.

By poking my camera out of the chicken wire, I managed to get some half decent shots although composition went right out of the window!

Then I went back for the missus and we had dinner in the city and headed home on the tram. A good day all in!

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