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Australia 2011 Part 10

Phew! It comes to an end here!

Saturday 23rd April

Up early today, we were booked in on the Neighbours tour!

To many this is both bogus and sad but we freakin’ loved it! We love Neighbours and Home And Away. We Tivo them. We couldn’t NOT come to Aus without doing this tour.

First we went to the old Erinsborough High School and then we went to Ramsay Street.

Paul’s House

The Ramsay house

The Mangle House

The Robinson House

The Kennedy’s House of Moralistic Judgement

I couldn’t get a good shot of Toadies house of trouser. Too many girls in the way!

Standing in the middle of Ramsay Street 20,000km from home was incredibly surreal. Neighbours has been going for 26 years. I have watched it for about 18 years. I had a gap in the middle when I was working and had no Tivo!

After the street we went to the studios.

This house is the house where Calum was raised by his gran and also where Zeke was held captive by a seedy old man because he’d lost his memory in that rafting accident that gave us the old Libby back. I preferred kiwi Libby.

Check out the bus stop that everyone runs away from:

Lou’s car lot is being redeveloped for some exciting storylines we’ll see in about 6 months!

The tour guide was fantastic. He was this strange Irish guy who knew waaaaay too much about Neighbours! Brilliant!

At sunset we went back to the pier to watch the penguins come home. Awesome view:

But sadly no penguin pictures. It’s our last night in Aus and we had a lovely dinner at a French restaurant that used to be the French consulate building and before that, a brothel! Food was good!

Sunday 24th April

Last day in Australia today. Very sad to be leaving but also glad to be heading back to routine and organisation. 3 weeks of random probably isn’t the best thing for someone as OCD as me!

We packed everything up and hoped we would be under the baggage limit. Didn’t want to think how much a long haul fine would be!

Went for brekkie in a local café, had a wander and hung around waiting for our cab.

On the way from the airport, the driver kept checking her map and it took about an hour so I allowed for this to get there. The trip to the airport took 20 minutes so we got there with plenty of time to spare and again, the check in desk hadn’t even opened! We went for a coffee.

When the check in finally opened, we were first in line. Woohoo! We weighed our bags and were 100g under the limit. Get in! We publicly high fived. That was a bit lame perhaps…

Through the hand luggage scanner, traveller forms filled in, duty free – “oh my god what a ridiculously large bottle of Jack Daniels!!”, played with the iPod Touch display, went for some dinner in a really nice café and then went to our gate. On the way to the gate we stopped at WHSmith’s in desperate search of some Samboy’s. I also found this and couldn’t resist:


To the gate, boarded the plane (if your seat range isn’t called, don’t join the fucking queue!!) This time we had two seats on their own so there was more room for our stuff down the side which gave me a little more leg room but it was still a pretty uncomfortable flight. The next long haul I do isn’t going to be with Qantas and it is going to have more legroom. Economy Plus perhaps. If my boss is reading this, please give me more money to facilitate my luxury lifestyle! 😉

We had a brief change in Hong Kong and we had to go through baggage checking again. Pain in the ass. Arrived in London finally and were greeted by the missus’ folks and we went for some food. Seriously, Qantas suck and there isn’t enough food for a near 24 hour flight.

Got home and unpacked and then had to sort out the living room and unpack all the boxes. The decorator has done a piss poor job so I took affirmative action and re-arranged all the furniture, ordered some new curtains and a rug and decided that a re-haul might bring some positivity to this place. For now it has.

And that brings to an end this epic 10 part blog! My next job is to put together an awesome panaroma I took in Tas, turn this blog into a photobook rather than just another photo album and then sort out which pics I want to print and frame and then I might be able to relax a little!

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