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Australia 2011 Part 6

Tuesday 12th April

Today we flew out to Hobart, Tasmania. I’m not sure how, but my bags had gone over the weight limit. I think I packed really badly and for ease put stuff in the suitcase so we went over the 46kg limit. As a result I got charged $10. But then an attendant decided it was ridiculous for half a kilo and let me off.

This is something that is starting to irk me. Self-service machines. They’re everywhere. But there is usually always a plethora of staff assisting people with them. Why not just have the 5 members of staff you’ve allocated to this working behind the counter on the desk helping a queue of people.

All I see at the moment is 20 machines being used by 20 confused people with only 5 staff jumping between everyone multi-tasking. Then you get to the self-service bag drop. Naturally I broke the machine with my heavy bag and needed more assistance. The system isn’t working. I can guarantee that people would much rather wait patiently in the queue than be confused. Come on Qantas, sort it out.

The flight was easy. Simple up and down and relatively short. Until we got to Tasmania where it was having one hell of a storm. When we landed, we had to get off the plane and grab a brollie while we walked to the airport across the runway. Yeah, it’s one of those!!

Apparently, today has been the heaviest rain in 50 years!! Now there’s a welcome and a half!

We got picked up by the missus’ aunt and uncle and driven to their house. The visibility was minimal which was disappointing. I’d been promised stunning views. What I really like about Tasmania is that all the houses are different. No two neighbours are the same. The house we’re staying in is fantastic, it’s huge. You don’t get this much land so readily available in the UK. Population is around half a million for an island the size of Ireland.

Wednesday 13th April

It is still raining!

The rain has caused all manner of havoc and disruption here. It’s terribly like Britain. Also, like Britain, the news bangs on about hoons causing trouble but from a very one sided view and is essentially just scaremongering. At least I hope it is or I’m going to wind up bashed!

In spite of the rain, we went out on a ferry to an art gallery. Everything here seems to be done on a ferry. The missus usually suffers from terrible travel sickness but I persuaded her to OD on travel sickness pills and climb aboard! (fnar fnar!)

It was a lot of fun and incredibly surreal. The art gallery was called the Museum of Modern and New Art, or MONA for short. It’s owned by this terribly eccentric millionaire who made all his money in the 70s and 80s ripping off casinos by counting cards, getting banned and moving on to the next.

The gallery doesn’t use labels. You have to use a specially programmed iPod. This would’ve been ok if the damn things worked properly. Plus I got arm ache from holding my arm at 90 degrees for 3 hours. Not cool.

A lot of the art is the typical wank you find in the Tate but there were some standout exhibitions. On the iPod there was an option to like or dislike the works. Some of the ones that were just all pretention and no substance got a severe dislike. I’m a bit of a philistine like that.

They had a café that was the usual overpriced stuff but the highlight was a big queue of old people in front of us turning the corner of this long queue, seeing the price list and shouting “Nine dollars for a pie? I’m not paying that. *grumble* You can keep your nine dollar pie!” and then they went off without any lunch. Brilliant! After lunch we went for wine tasting at the local winery. That was fun! *hic*

It’s been about 12 degrees today. In the UK that would be a good spring day but here in Tas it feels a bit cold. Maybe it’s just because of the great weather we had in Sydney. The coldest it gets here is about 6 degrees and an occasional ground frost. Not too bad but the weather is more unpredictable than the UK.

Thursday 14th April

Today we decided to have a day off to rest. This holiday is tiring!

We made Eccles Cakes and while the pastry was in the fridge for an hour, we went for a walk on the beach with a Labrador called Maggie.

Here are some shots:

The light was pretty grey and gloomy so I switched over to black and white for a bit:

Part 7 coming up!

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