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Australia 2011 Part 2

Wednesday 6th April

Today we’re feeling pretty jetlagged. We woke up at about 8am which isn’t too bad given the time difference but still felt knackered. We went on the hunt for food and found a lovely café called Zinc Café. We got a really nice fried breakfast. How English?!

After that we scouted for an internet café, went to find some food for the flat and had a bit of a wander. All the cafes here have roadside eating which is quite pleasant. Much better than everyone being crowded inside. Just not sure how feasible that is in the UK when it rains on your dinner every five minutes in August. At least our cafes have wifi!

What I’m surprised by is how expensive everything is. Like I said in part 1, we’re staying in a nice area but round the corner is a bit sleazy so I expected some dirt cheap backpacker cafes. With that in mind, two coffees and sarnies regularly comes to $35+ here and in the city centre it’s more like $50+. I suppose we’re just suffering because the pound is worth the equivalent of a shit in the ocean at the moment. The biggest surprise was a kg of bananas costs $14!!!!!

One of the really cool things food wise has been all the different chocolate. Junk food here is hella expensive. $2.50 per choc bar. Although in the UK I noticed it’s now about 70p! So far I’ve had Tim Tams, a Milo bar (awesome) and a Cherry Ripe. I wonder if it’s deliberately expensive as a tactic to avoid obesity?!

Getting around is pretty easy here but for some reason it feels like the map is upside down. I think I’m turning left but on the map it’s right and vice versa. I’m a map geek and this confused me greatly at first but I’m pretty used to it now. Also, I checked which way the water goes down the plug here and it’s definitely the other way round. I haven’t just been lied to all these years.

On our trek we took a massive detour and scoped out the impressive botanical gardens, the opera house and the circular quay where we got ripped off. Two choc bars a juice and some suntan lotion. $55. Crazy! Needless to say we have been better prepared the rest of this week.

We’ve been quite lucky. We’re here in April which I believe is their October. The weather has been amazing for the most part. No idea what temperature but it’s been very warm and a pleasant change from the 8 month winter in the UK. The birds and the wildlife here are just gorgeous. They’re just completely different, right down to the common pigeon equivalent.

Here are some pics from today. Some areas explored further later. Today was just a reccy. All pics from this trip are going to be larger than usual so click to enlarge.

Not many people will get the significance of the name of this!

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