Out with the crap, in with the much better!

I got a new lens this week and was also fortunate enough to get some good weather to go testing it without having to resort to taking 900 pictures of teacups and spoons!

When I bought my SLR, I got the Nikon 18-55 lens and the Tamron 70-300 macro lens. The latter hasn’t served me very well. I’m not a techie photo geek, I couldn’t tell you if I’m getting weird curved edges on my photos or any of that shit, all I can tell you is that the lens just isn’t very good.

The auto focus is slow, the light capture is poor, the picture quality is sub par, it’s bulky and cumbersome and ultimately, it’s almost impossible to take a good picture without blur. Even on a tripod!!

So I’ve taken a punt and got a Nikon 55-200mm lens. £150 on Amazon. 53% off! Result!

So far it’s pretty fantastic. It’s tiny. It’s got VR. It’s got fantastic glass (apparently). It takes brilliant pictures!

If I could be arsed I’d do a side by side comparison. But I can’t. Go somewhere else for that.

These are the pictures I did take this week though. Finally got some good ones of the birds in the garden and also a leaping cat who was chasing aforementioned birds! There is another post due with pics of my cats taken with this lens. they deserve a post of their own.

In other news…

1) I saw the Foo Fighters play at Dingwalls. Awesome!

2) I spent an afternoon with my nephew Lucas and a dog called Sam. Pics coming soon.

3) I’ve been collecting a ton of Foo Fighters records. Got some neato rare stuff!

4) I’m going to Australia next week. I’m incredibly excited. This is going to be an awesome photo journey and I fully intend to bore everyone to death with a slideshow when I get back!

5) I celebrated the five year anniversary of being with the missus. She rules!

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