My brand new niece!

I already have furry children as well you should know and now I have a furry niece. Although thankfully, not too furry!

The missus’ brother and his missus got a dog this year. A Hungarian Vizsla to be precise. She is beautiful but also very gangly.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce Fleur… (all shots taken on Midsummer Common)

Click for a larger version of this action shot!

She is a very friendly and quiet dog. Got on with all the other dogs really well. This one was my fave. He is called Augustus!

It was a bit of a grey and overcast afternoon but a lot of fun. I was hoping for some sun so you could see her coat shine but as we left it started to rain. Typical!

I wanted to give Augustus’ owner my details in case he wanted copies of the photos but I had no easy way of doing this so now I have designed and ordered a pack of business cards! They will be delivered shortly. Go me!

2 thoughts on “My brand new niece!

  1. Fleur is very beautiful and playful but Augustus is thinking “what’s it all about” and needs time to take it all in and recuperate!

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