Random Bites

Here is a selection of some accumulated random photos I found on my laptop that I hadn’t yet posted.

I had a good Christmas, did you? After we had opened our pressies, we prepared for brunch. I had decided weeks beforehand that come rain or shine, I would BBQ me some steaks on Christmas Day! Well, here I am in -3 degrees. Wrapped up and huddled around the BBQ cooking steaks! It was so cold…

…but you know what? I didn’t care because they were absolutely delicious!

One of the presents I got from the in-laws was a starter bird feeding kit. I now have a peanut feeder and a seed feeder. The light has been really poor for the last few weeks. The infamous Cambridge Fen Grey is back and blooming. Fucking countryside! Ahem.

We have a pretty good variety of birds. Our house backs out onto a farm so it’s fairly rural. Before the feeder I only saw a couple of sparrows and a robin but now we’ve got loads of them flying around. I’ve taken a few pictures but I’ve had to zoom, crop and photoshop to get them anywhere near decent. Most of them were awful. I’m desperate for some good weather!

And finally, my good friend the frog/toad. I have no idea where he is now but I really hope he comes back this Spring, so this is for him.

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