December Snow

I’m very behind on my postings. New Year’s Resolution, post more. Or at least try and stay on top of anything I’ve done. I have three days posts coming up, so stay tuned.

Before Christmas, while the rest of the country ground to a halt due to the snow, we had a pitiful amount. There was this middle band across the UK that didnt’ really get any snow and we’re right in the middle of it. Great! Whilst we were able to go to work and do the local shopping, the shops soon dried up as nothing could get into us. I do wish we would go back to local produce!! Also, nothing got delivered from online.

However, not all doom and gloom. It gave me a great excuse to take a trek up Castle Hill. It was a trek because I had my Winter cold. w00t! It gave quite a spectacular view over the city. I only wish there had been more snow…

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