Jesus Rode A Harley Davidson

I, on the other hand, rode a 125cc Yamaha. Rock and roll!

Part of my Fings 30 list was to ride a motorbike. This is something I’ve always wanted to do but was never allowed. I’m a terrible driver, had many, many lessons and haven’t even been put in for a test. So I’ve never really held out a lot of hope for riding a bike.

When I was writing my list, I was being realistic. I didn’t want to put 100 things that I’d never achieve in a year but I also didn’t want it to be too easy so I rather flippantly put in riding a bike to set a challenge. I wasn’t sure I’d pull it off but then a couple of weeks ago, the idea popped in my head again and I thought sod it, why not?!

I booked my CBT with the local bike centre. Paid £99, really cheap. Then, the mother of all Neighbours story lines, Stef crashed her bike and killed Ringo!! The day before my test!!!!

Thankfully, not a bad omen.

I got up super early on Saturday and got a taxi to the centre, which incidentally, is in the arse end of nowhere! I was the first person there as usual. Next up was two incredibly over confident 16 year old kids. Great. I was expecting to just be put on a shitty little 125 scooter thing but instead, I got this absolute beast of a bike. It was some Yamaha thing that looked pretty fantastic and it was a manual so I had to learn clutch control and gear changes.

We spent the morning doing theory and riding around a car park. It was really difficult, I really struggled and just kept asking if I could go on an automatic. I wasn’t allowed. Fascist! He kept saying it was for my own good.

Then came the time I was dreading. Road time!! We spent about 3 hours on the road. I did over 50 miles. I was fucking terrified for most of them! I was gripping my bike for life. But as time passed on, I started to really enjoy it. It was incredibly freeing. We went all over Cambridge, just tearing up the road. At one point I got up to 40mph and at another we were just bombing through the countryside. It was awesome!

It was also absolutely freezing. I was completely under dressed and I think it’s going to take days to thaw out. On the way back it got really dark and misty and my glasses fogged up and my visor fogged up and my radio comms went out so I was riding almost blind. Navigated my way back though and when I got there, they presented me with my certificate.

I did this very much on a whim and I’m really, really proud of myself. It’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I’m also considering buying a bike and taking it a lot further. It may become my favoured mode of transport. I may also progress and get my direct access license so I can ride bigger bikes. I would freakin love to ride a Harley one day.

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