Fings I Like Friday (23)

1) My tattoo. A minor repeat I’m afraid but relevant nonetheless. As we move into the cold weather season, I stop wearing T-shirts and go for long sleeves. This is sad. No longer will my sleeve creep up my arm revealing a hint of blue and no longer will a hasty choice of T-shirt be an issue in the work environment. For the next 5 to 6 months my acquisition of the year shall remain hidden. I salute you!

2) Pumpkins! Usually I’m not very creative and when it comes to the yearly pumpkin it has three triangles and a big hole for a mouth. Not this year! This year I searched google, found a pattern, hand sketched it on a pumpkin and carved it out. This little dude is completely badass!

3) Bonfire night. As a Yorkshireman, I’m always on the side of ole Guido. I celebrate his heroics, not his execution. Pics coming on Wednesday. The missus has also made parkin. I’m looking forward to eating this.

4) The cats. I bought a new laser pen toy for them. Aurora loves it and keeps chasing it around the house. Mr Park (or Parkin for the bonfire period) just lies there and watches it pass him buy, occasionally batting a paw at it.

5) The missus. In the face of adversity, she just keeps swimming! She is also currently studying massage therapy and I’m her test subject. This means bi weekly massages. For free. Saving me about £280 a month! Sweet!

6) Foo Fighters. Yes, my beloved band are touring again. I have tickets to see them in Milton Keynes. Shizzle!

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