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Toys/Gaming Thursday (2)

Wow, only the second of these. I am clearly far too busy! No time for toys, have I really sold my soul?

Anyhoots, I saw a game a few months ago on the PSN store and thought it was too expensive and why the hell wasn’t there a trial? Well, this week I got my trial and it was so good I bought it as soon as the trial expired. Of what game do I speak? Why it’s Joe Danger of course!

Oh my freaking GOD this game is sooooo amazingly brilliant!

Quirky soundtrack, addictively challenging, collectables, races, stunts, brutal crashes, it’s got it all. And then a couple of hours ago they released the People’s Patch. It has a ton of updates. I’m going to get this tomorrow. The best part is that the developers, Hello Games, are a small, no make that tiny company with only 4 chaps working there. How cool is that?

This game reminds me a little of this really bizarre indie title I used to play many moons ago called Action Supercross:

I wasted many hours not doing homework on this. Created my own levels, played a bunch of online downloaded ones, it set the bar for community gaming, just no online or anything.

Now with Joe Danger, you get kick ass graphics and online and easy level sharing. Perfect!

So that’s games, how about toys?! Did you catch this weeks Dragons Den? Did you see that super bitching awesome magic wand remote control? Here:

Ok, so it’s just a One4All, but it’s a wand dammit! I’d love something like that. Actually, not really, I’m not all that much of a gadget nerd. I bought a remote control with a slide out keyboard for my PS3. I still use the controller for typing and watching DVD’s. It’s collecting dust in a box somewhere.

With that, I bid you farewell. I have a sneaky suspicion that Joe Danger is going to make my Fings Friday tomorrow…

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