Fings I Like Friday (17)

1) Taking a daily photo of myself. It forces me to smile which puts me in good stead for the rest of the day.
2) The tumble dryer. I haven’t used one in years. Like about five years. Out of choice too. But I figure I need to make a balance. I can either hang stuff up on the radiators over the winter and make the central heating completely inefficient and waste a load of gas or I can use the leccy and hope wind farms become a reality. It’s a tough call. I’m going to roll with this for a bit to see if it makes a difference.
3) Not being in the firing line on a delayed project. Usually it’s me. On this one, I’ve done all my bits and everything is (currently) working fine. The other guys are getting the shit. That’s a nice feeling.
4) Electronics. I did GCSE Electronics. I made an RC monster truck. It was ace. I got offered an apprenticeship as an electronics engineer. I turned it down and after a while pretty much forgot all about electronics. I’m currently working on a high speed photography project. I’m building my own sound flash trigger. I hope to extend it to a motion sensor and get some fruit in milk splashes. I found a schematic and I’ve figured most of it out and bought most of the parts on ebay. Looking forward to this. There’ll be a blog and maybe my first YouTube vlog too!!!
5) The missus. So, I totally cursed it all last week. The new project fell through and now she is almost sans employment. Luckily I got a payrise this month (and a promotion) so we’ll be ok on that front but it’s quite a hit to a persons self esteem, on top of the aforementioned psycho hosebeast boss, so I hope all is ok under the surface. Chin up!

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