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Fings I Like Friday (15)

Another week gone in the blink of an eye.

1) BBQ’s. I love how in this country, no matter what the weather, we will always try to have a BBQ. Many weekends spent clutching a raw sausage as your dad yells “You’ll eat your bloody sausage and be grateful!”. Tonight I had a BBQ in the rain.

2) The cats. We don’t know when Aurora was born but it was some time around August so we declared the first. This year she was three years old! Johnny Park was born on the fifth and this year he was two.

3) The missus. She’s had her hair cut. After two and a half years!! She looks more hot than she already did!

4) The football season. I watched a footie game this week and there were no vuvuzelas. It was weird. Tomorrow is the start of the Premier League. I am very excited! I always love the start and the end. Not so fussed about the middle. Come on Man Utd!

5) John Bishop. This dude is hilarious! He’s everywhere at the moment. I saw him on the Michael McIntyre roadshow. He told a super funny joke about his kids being middle class and the type of kids he’d have beaten up as a kid. Hilarious!

That’s it for another week.

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