Fings I Like Friday (13)

This week I’m opting for a slightly different take on Fings Friday. Today is my birthday. I am 29. That means I have a year before I’m 30. I can haz do the math!

Now, before you start, I’m not freaking out about this like most folk. For the most part, my 20’s have been a lot of fun. I once came home from the pub in the boot of a car. Without the driver’s knowledge. That said, there’s still a few things I wish I had done by this point in my life.

So I’ve decided to come up with a quick list of Fings To Do Before I’m Firty. I hope to achieve everything on this list in the next year but if I don’t, it’s no biggie.

1) Go to Australia. I have my visa sorted for this already and it’s planned for April 2011. Buying the tickets soon.

2) Go skydiving. I reckon I’ll do this in Oz. If I’m going to plummet to my death I’d much rather do it over a nice view of desert than English fen!

3) Get another tattoo. I really should have more than 3 by now but I went on a funding hiatus. Foolishly. The next one will be something that represents the last 10 years. Perhaps a tattoo of a bottle of Jack Daniels.

4) Give blood. It is beyond sucky that I haven’t done this by now. Seriously!

5) Buy a digital SLR. I worked at Jessops a few years ago and got into photography in a big way but haven’t been able to afford an SLR. Until today. I actually went out and bought a Nikon D5000. Because of this list. More on this in another post over the weekend.

6) Take a picture of myself every day and make a montage video thing at the end of the year. Started today. It may also act as an interesting way to track my mood.

7) Go on a proper photography course. Always worth learning something new.

8) Ride a motorbike. Never done this but I probably should’ve done this. How badass would I look on a scooter?

Then as a catch all, I’m going to just generally be open to doing more things and not worry so much.

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