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Fings I Like Friday (11)

It’s here again!

1) The open top Cambridge tour bus. I’ve wanted to go on this for ages. We are doing it tomorrow!

2) Tomato Plants. We have grown our own tomato plants from seed. They are now huge!

3) Today my Australian travel visa was approved. This brings us one step closer to going in April next year.

4) BBC’s Walk on the Wild Side. Saw this for the first time at the weekend. It’s hilarious! Check out these marmots:

5) The missus. For always smiling in the face of adversity. She’s had an awful week and mine hasn’t been much better but she’s kept us both in good spirits. Mainly Jack Daniels and caramelised Vodka! *hiccup*

In other news, I am 29 in exactly two weeks. There’s a ton of stuff I haven’t done and probably should’ve before I turn 30. I am therefore compiling a list of Fings To Do Before I’m Firty! Suggestions welcome! Final list will be announced on my birthday.

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