Oooo doesn’t he look healthy?!

Remember this post and this post? Well, how about an update?

First, that Botanics stuff is working wonders. My skin is so lovely and soft and my beard is really soft too.

Second, the exercise regime!  This is going really well. I’ve almost managed to keep up to three times a week. Of the last 8 weeks, I’ve slipped up about three times. Not bad I reckon and I’ve been trying to fit in weekends if I miss it during the week.

Aesthetically, it is working. Apparently. The missus says I look a lot buffer and well, she’s the only that matters right?! I definitely feel stronger and I’m lifting more than when I started out.

What has been slightly annoying is that the gym I go to is tiny and usually really busy so I’ve not been able to get a good flow most days and I’ve had to chop and change the order a lot. So I’ve decided to turn the spare room into a gym. Currently shopping for a bench and some weights and then I can quit the gym and save myself £55 a month in the process. We hardly ever have guests and any that come from now on can sleep on the bench!!

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