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Fings I Like Friday (10)

Well, I managed one extra post this week!

1. BBQ’s. I love the hot weather and sitting out in the garden eating perfectly grilled meat! This week we had steak burgers and sausages! Also, it’s really awesome finally having a proper garden that I can mow and water the plants and build a washing line and hang out in on my lunch!

2. Summer rain. I love how you can tell it’s coming and then the fantastic smell when it finally arrives and how it cools the air. Lovely!

3. Summer Hoyland. I am a dirty perv! I’m also hopelessly addicted to Aussie soaps and if you click the link, you’ll see why!

4. Moby. We had a declutter at the weekend and I found a special edition CD of a Moby gig from a few years ago. It’s really good. Haven’t listened to him in ages.

5. Yes, you guessed it, the missus! She’s been really ill this week and had to take some time off. I really enjoyed having her around. Looking forward to the future when she’s around more often.

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