Fings I Like Friday (7)

Here we go again!

1) The Archers. I’ve listened to this show pretty much daily since I met the missus. A memorable moment is when we were stuck in traffic going the wrong way through London and ending up in Wembley while listening to Ruth near orgasming with her illicit affair with the farm hand. Saucy! Now we listen to it via RSS on my phone which is pretty cool!

2) Finished tattoos. It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally done. 9 hours in total and I love it!

3) Things going to plan. In the consultancy business, we spec and budget and then we cut it down because it’s all a bit costly. What I don’t appreciate is third parties dicking us around with incorrect specs, sloppy commitment and general unprofessionalism. I’ve been working on a project the past few months and the third party is the worst developer I’ve ever worked with. This Fing is dedicated to all those developers I’ve worked with who get it done on time, under budget and to a high standard thus making my life a whole lot easier!

4) The World Cup. Ever since Italia 90. I had the sticker book and traded in the playground with all my buddies. It was awesome! The World Cup will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s a fun event, it’s the best of the best, there’s always a few surprises but above all, it’s generally good, clean football. Everyone is on their best behaviour and today’s opener between South Africa and Mexico was no exception. Well played!

5) The missus. For the next few weeks I’m making her life all the more painful by watching the footie! Super special shout out to the missus this week!

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