Fings I Like Friday (5)

It’s been a stressful week this week. Big project deadline looming today.

1) Programming. I love how when something goes wrong I can quickly whip up a solution. VBA is a really useful tool to have and I’m glad I bothered to teach myself, it’s been super handy this week!

2) Gardening. As you can see from my last post, we did some gardening at the weekend. I love all the cool flowers and veg we’re growing. Despite working for a garden centre for two years, I never really became green fingered. I sat in the IT office most of the time. That said, some of it must’ve sunk in!

3) Noodles. I love noodles. They’re one of my favourite foods. I like plain noodles, sauced up noodles, fried noodles, all kinds of noodles man!

4) Breakfast. When the missus and I moved in together on March 1st 2007, we had this tiny kitchen but we managed to get a foldable table that we’d open up every morning and sit down for breakfast. It was a nice way to break up the madness of getting ready for work and just chill for 20 minutes. I’m pleased to say that three years on, we still have that table and we still sit down every morning for breakfast. It’s lovely.

5) Which brings me on to my regular feature. The missus and the cats. The cats less though this week as they keep chewing all my damn wires. I have an expensive electronics bill this month. The missus however, well she deserves a freaking medal! She puts up with so much of my stressy tantrums, smiles, brings me a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit and takes time out to talk to me when she has a million and one other things to be getting on with. I love her so!

Enough sap, BACK TO WORK!

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