Just Another Manic Monday

I wish it was Sunday!

Out travelling at a clients today and it has been a terrific day, weather wise. Fortunately I spent most of it in an air con conference room!

I travelled by train and went through a whole load of countryside and it was just beautiful.

The weekend weather was much the same and the view out back onto the farm reminded me of an album I haven’t listened to in quite some time.

Corrs – Talk On Corners

Bit of a girly one this, but it has a cute back story.

I remember first seeing The Corrs on the National Lottery when they did live band showcases. They played I Never Loved You Anyway which had me hooked right away. This was pre instant download/YouTube/iTunes/Spotify days and you pretty much had to rely on radio to get your fix.

I bought the album as soon as it came out. At the time I was earning £12 a week in my Saturday job and had just enough. Skipped the haircut that week! Actually, I think I had long hair. That’s another story.

I listened to it non stop for weeks and the singles were all over the radio. The country went Corrs crazy as we headed into the summer. My favourite track is What Can I Do. The video is really nice, really summery and it’s this that always sticks in my mind when we get nice summers.

I remember that while listening to this non stop I also spent a weekend building a Puzz3D french castle thing. I bought it one Friday on my way home from school (I was 17) and on my way out I bumped into this girl who I really liked and worked with and her mate who I also really liked but didn’t work with and who had quite a striking resemblance to Andrea Corr. They inquired what was in my bag. I can assure you that the one way to absolutely not impress two hot chicks is to whip out a Puzz3D in the middle of town.

It never ceases to amaze me just how much of a dork I used to be.

So this is the start of a new series. Music Mondays. Every Monday I’ll be reviewing some new music and re-visiting some old. Hopefully this will give me an excuse to dust off some old records and re-discover some of that passion that has dwindled in the digital age.

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