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Fings I Love Friday (4)

Here we go again…

1) Sunshine. When the sun shines I can dry the washing outside and get it all done in a day!

2) My Virgin V+ HD box. It allows me to get HD TV which is particularly good for sport. It also allows me to not worry about making myself regularly available for TV. Remember when Friends first aired on Channel 4? For me, it was a whole Friday night line up. There was Frasier and I think Eurotrash too. The latter had boobies. I’d have been about 14. Now though, there’s no way I can guarantee regular viewing of anything so V+ is really helpful and when I have time, I catch up on a whole bunch of stuff at once.

3) Ladyhawke. Oh I love her! Apparently she is making a new album. I can’t wait! If you haven’t listened to her first album, do so NOW!

4) Again it’s the sunshine lol! This morning I went for a lovely bike ride to the shops and the sun was beaming down and all the people in their cars looked like they were spiflocating and I was FREEEE! Yeah, it was that good.

5) The missus. I swear this isn’t just a cop out to fill up five points. She is awesome and deserves to be mentioned daily but I’ll stick to weekly 🙂

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