Fings I Love Friday (3)

That time of week again!

1) Aurora. She has hit the bottle, presumably in a bid for attention:

2) My new gym regime. It feels really good and makes me finish work on time so I get to the gym before it’s too busy.

3) Flight of the Conchords. Saw them in Birmingham this week. They were fantastic!

4) Nick Hornby books. I’m currently reading Juliet, Naked and it’s one of his best. I see he has got his mojo back after a couple of crap ones. Ace!

5) As always, the missus. I sent her a soppy ecard today. It said she is the second most beautiful person in the world. Then it said the first person is her when she smiles! There were some cute teddy bears in there too. I am teh gayz!

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