I sing to myself that I’m gonna be free

…but the road I must travel, it’s end I cannot see.

This week I went to London. Without meaning to be too negative…what a soul sucking place it is! Whenever I pass through our great capital I get overcome with sadness and exhaustion. It really does suck the juice out of me. A lot of psychic vampirism going on there.

I was visiting HQ and had to stay over for a couple of nights. Due to an oversight in negotiations I have to foot the bill for travel and accomodation so I have to buy cheap. Last time I went, I stayed in the Travellodge in Tolworth. It was awful. This time I stayed in the Travellodge in Kingston. It was equally, if not more, awful.

Wednesday morning I woke up and went in the bathroom and set the shower running. I went to grab a towel and when I came back the shower had overflown. The plug was blocked. I had to dig out the contents with a spoon. I’m not going to go into the details but ew! It’s bad enough when it’s your own bathroom but clearing out other peoples “stuff” is just gross.

I complained at reception. They gave me a clean spoon. I kid you not.

I think I’m out of cheap places to stay and next time I’ll have to stump up more cash and stay at the Holiday Inn. Do you think there’s a direct link between it costing more and actually being better?

Also, what happened to Kingston? When I first moved there it was a really vibrant town centre with plenty of places to eat. This week all I managed to get for take out was a Subway. Everywhere else had shut down. Such a shame.

In other news I developed a really bad cold. I’m sure I made a great impression with my new assistant, just snotting everywhere during training. I tried some Beechams Cold capsules and they have worked a treat.

Tomorrow brings another installment of Fings I Love Friday. Stay tooned!

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