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She said “Hello, you fool, I love you”

“Come on join the joy riiiide, be a joyrider!”

Eee, what better a way to start a new website than with a Roxette lyric from 1991!

Inspired, of course, by this week’s Glee.

I’m only half way in (V+ is awesome) and we’ve had The Doors, All American Rejects, Lionel Richie and Neil Diamond but I prefer Roxette. Maybe they’re on later?

Awesome AC/DC!

I’m totally distracted. WRITE THE BLOG!

Right, so, this blog is going to encompass everything I’m interested in. TV shows, music, computer games, financial accounting…umm…yeah!

So the last few days have seen me hit all of these in quick succession:

  • TV shows – Still addicted to Aussie soaps, loving Glee right now, coming to the end of That 70s Show, started watching Flight of The Conchords again and still in the middle of The X-Files.
  • Music – yesterday I picked up the first JJ72 album from the shelf. I bought this years ago but never listened to it. I went through this phase of buying 8-10 albums a week (I lived at home with minimal rent and a management salary, needed something to spend it on) and there’s some I haven’t listened to ever! The other day Oxygen came into my head and last night I decided to do the ironing. The missus has banned me from doing it despite never seeing me do it and she keeps complaining about having no time to do it so I figured I’d help out and just do it. I needed something to listen to so I put this on. It’s actually really good!! It definitely deserves a few more listens.
  • Games – I’ve not been playing a lot of PS3 lately. Haven’t had time, working too much. What I have been playing is a Facebook game called Country Life. It’s seriously awesome! And super addictive. And because it’s browser based, I can leave it on in the background and just tend to my stock every now and then. It’s better than all those other games because the crops don’t wither. If they introduce this feature, I’m gone!
  • Financial accounting – Well, this is my job. Sort of. I’m an IT Consultant and I currently specialise in accounting systems. The last few weeks I’ve been working on the biggest project of my entire career. Yesterday we went live and aside from the usual expected technical hitches everything has gone swimmingly. I finally feel like I’ve achieved something in my job. It’s been a complete uphill struggle trying to learn accounting but I’m getting there!

This just in, courtesy of my Google Reader, there’s a new miniature golf game coming out for the PS3. I love miniature golf, both IRL and on the computer. A few years back I was hopelessly addicted to Fuzzy’s World of Miniature Space Golf. This was awesome and in many places difficult. Until now, there hasn’t been anything remotely close.

I introduce Planet MiniGolf from Zen Studios. How awesome does this game look? And it has a course customiser! What more could you want?

Well, that’s out soon and I’ll be first in the digital queue to buy that no doubt. For now though, I’ve been informed not to go over 500 words or you’ll have stopped reading. So you’re probably not reading this.

Until next time…

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